Partnering to save Wolfie

DRLA has partnered with Hendrick & Co. to save Wolfie,  a dachshund mix puppy, who survived a horrific coyote attack in December 2016. With every purchase made at Hendrick & Co., DRLA will receive a donation towards Wolfie’s recovery.
Wolfie was found with his throat torn open in an Orange County park frequented by coyotes. DRLA is in need of donations to support his recovery and a very specific foster family. The DRLA shelter that is currently caring for Wolfie has very specific requirements of a foster family willing to care for Wolfie. He is required to be quarantined for 6 months and will only be released to a family that lives in one of the following cities served by the shelter:


Huntington Beach
San Juan Capistrano
Yorba Linda

Lake Forest
Santa Ana

Fountain Valley
Villa Park

If you live in one of these cities and want to show Wolfie some …

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